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What is Recycling

Recycling consists in the recovery of recyclable materials. It is reprocessed in the production process in order to obtain material for primary or other purpose. In this way, even repeatedly, substances contained in waste or individual materials can be used. What are the issues related to the recovery and recycling of waste?

The purpose of recycling

By processing secondary raw materials, we limit the use of primary raw materials. This contributes to the protection of natural resources. Recovery and processing also reduces the amount of waste, thus the amount of space in landfills. Finally, the use of raw materials that are energy carriers is an element of economical energy management. The basic principle of recycling is to maximize the re-use of the same materials, with the least amount of raw materials and energy needed to process them.

What you can recycle?

Garbage produced in homes should be collected in households and transferred to marked containers, with a division into the type of materials. Municipal waste suitable for processing can be divided into four basic groups: paper, plastic, glass, metals.


Recycling and related legal regulations and social actions aim to mobilize producers and traders to appropriate waste management. Consumers also should change their habits to more responsible ones.

It is very important to understand the essence of recycling. Also it’s important to develop habits that will make recycling more and more commonplace and reducing the amount of rubbish, reclaiming materials and raw materials and preventing environmental devastation should be our priority.

Here are some of the most important examples of the benefits of recycling:

  • Free disposal of household waste (up to over 80 percent).
  • Reduction of the amount of waste on landfills and reduction of maintenance costs by municipalities.
  • Less environmental impact (including water, air, soil).
  • Limiting the amount of hazardous waste on landfills.
  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources.
  • Re-use of materials and raw materials or their processing into new ones.
  • Reducing energy consumption and reducing expenses.


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