NIC Wooden toys is a traditional wooden toys manufacturer based in South Germany, they have been focusing on special, stable and creative toys for 25 years. The range is constantly being carefully developed and supplemented with new products.

Wooden toys by NIC are of high quality and designed with regard to the use of children. They are characterized by stability as well as easy and safe handling during play. Multiple awards of our toys give you the security to have acquired an educationally valuable wooden toy for your child. Our toys inspire the youngest in the early childhood. It improves attention and concentration – and stimulates the child’s imagination.

Already on the Crab cover, the company promote imagination in combination with play fun. In today’s world, it is important to us, in our opinion, to consider the values and the quality and longevity of children.

NIC’s many game possibilities and the creative design train combinations, motor skills and the development of the senses.

We wish you much pleasure in browsing and discovering NIC Wooden Toys!