Gluckskafer German Toys

Glückskäfer is a German toy manufacturer of wooden toys established over 60 years ago and based in the south of Germany. Gluckskafer are a small, ethical family run toymaker and is part of the NIC stable of quality wooden toys. Gluckskafer specialise in handmade certified FSC timber products based on the educational principles of the Waldorf and Montessori learning approach. Many of the Gluckskafer products have organic shapes and forms for open-ended play.

Gluckskafer’s mission is to bring traditional wooden toys to children to allow room for creative play and natural development. Their toy range allows room for creative play and natural development, their open ended toys allow for child directed free play, encouraging imagination and encouraging children to learn for themselves.

Glückskäfer is the brand of Käfer & Partner, a small family business located in the south west of Germany. It is owned and managed by Manfred Käfer, who is committed to the development of children.

Glückskäfer toys are made from quality, natural and raw materials. Glückskäfer wooden toys are all made in Germany from European forests certified for their sustainable forestry management as they have a strong environmental commitment. All toys are produced in compliance with the FSC / PEFC European Standard for the safety of toys. Glückskäfer has a range of carefully made, precious toys with plenty of scope for the imagination. During production, all wood waste is collected and recycled, and only certified paints, mainly based on water, are used.

Gluckskafer has developed a range of branch-wood toys which are an absolute childhood staple. With endless play possibilities, branchwood toys are unique and their natural form stimulates creativity, warmth and beauty small world play. Children will delight in the organic shapes of branch wood toys. All of our branch-wood items are environmentally sustainable as they are crafted from fallen hazelnut and willow tree branches. During the creation of branchwood toys by Gluckskafer, the original branch bark is left intact, the surfaces and edges have then been sanded smooth, ensuring safety for little hands. The natural fragrance of the branchwood and bark remains, and they are free from oils or varnishes, celebrating their true and unique character.

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