Drewart Wooden Toys company is a Polish producer and exporter of wooden toys. It was established in 1982 by Jerzy Muszynski. Our seat and production plant is located in Strzelce Gorne (15 km from Bydgoszcz). Drewart employ about 30 people with many year’s experience and meeting the expectations and demands of their clients.

Drewart wooden toys are safe, ecological and durable, which were approved by the countries of European Union, U.S.A., Canada, Japan and Australia.

All products of Drewart Toy Company are designed and produced with special care and the materials are natural, ecological and friendly, so they fulfill and have Certificate of Europe CE.

Drewart reach their objective by processing carefully selected wood with most up-to-date machines of producers such as SCM (grinders and processing centres), Altendorf (CNC sawing machines) and by using highest quality tools: Dimar, Prebena and abrasive materials of Swedish company SIA. During technological process they use natural oils and sporadically acrylic paints of Dufa company, that fulfill safety norms EN-71. All of that together with manual assembly and scrupulous quality control of ready products give final effect, of which their many years’ buyers are satisfied.

The safe, ecological and durable toys Drewart create allow children to develop their creativity, manual skills and guarantee great fun.