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Waytoplay is a flexible motorway which consists of easy-to-connect road parts. With waytoplay you can play on almost any surface such as carpet, table, grass, rocks, sand on the beach or even on the snow. The flexible design allows for play uphill, downhill and over thresholds. Waytoplay can be combined with lots of other toys and stimulates children’s creativity and imagination.

Your children can build their own routes, set up a race track for their cars or just drive their favorite vehicles from room to room or even around the plate during dinner. You can also add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets or parts?so the Waytoplay motorway possibilities are almost endless, exactly like your children’s imagination. So let’s watch your little one’s having lots of fun with this ingenious toy.

The waytoplay highway contains a full box with 24 road parts with maximum versatility. The set has twelve curves, eight straights, two crossings and two roundabouts.

About Waytoplay – The Flexible Toy Road Toy Company

Let your imagination lead the way with Waytoplay the flexible toy road. Build yourself an endless adventure! 100% child friendly, unbreakable and suitable for any surface. Cars need a waytoplay road.

Waytoplay is more than a simple car toy, it is an original Dutch Design. Each toy roadway set features easy to connect road segments; straight roads, curved roads, parking spaces, roundabouts, road junctions and so much more. The Waytoplay flexible toy road is made of high grade, child safe rubber. Simply roll out an adventure anywhere and anytime with Waytoplay, indoors and outside! Regardless if your children want to play with toy cars if at the beach side, on deep pile carpet or a rough, dirty, bumpy garden path, your child can turn any location into a waytoplay. The open ended road car sets can be added to, for extensive and endless fun. Let your children find new ways to play and become king of their roads.

Origins of Waytoplay Toy Company: Dutch Design, German Quality

The toy company Waytoplay evolved in 2003 from a fun idea and the creation of their original product design and the initial waytoplay toy prototype was developed in 2004. The business progressed to develop a pilot run of 250 units which was produced and sold rapidly, confirming their place in the market. The inventor and designer of Waytoplay is Sybren Jelles who loved playing with toy cars, preferably outdoors, with the wind in his hair. After seeing that his son Joep had inherited that passion, he created waytoplay. Sybren has joined forces with a state of the art manufacturer in Germany to leverage their quality development and manufacturing process for his toys. Creating the unbreakable, weatherproof road set that is waytoplay.

Novel Toy Imagination & Inventiveness

Waytoplay are strong believers that children are great explorers and inventors. All it takes to unleash their imagination is a fun challenge and an opportunity to create. Waytoplay provides children with the tools and the space to make up their own games by themselves or with other children. The Waytoplay children’s toy road set encourages inventiveness, problem solving skills and creativity: all of which are very necessary and essential skills for now and the future for your developing child. Waytoplay stands for 100% unplugged and offline fun, unattached from the internet and not requiring batteries!

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