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A collection of toys for children in beauty salons waiting room areas.

Medium Toy Packs for Beauty Salons

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1 x Wooden Truck with Trailer

Out of stock
AUD $ 45.00

1 x Legler - Rainbow Building Blocks

In stock
AUD $ 15.90

1 x Legler - Stacking Tower "Move it!"

In stock
AUD $ 15.90

1 x Legler - Little Explorers Wooden Building Blocks

In stock
AUD $ 15.90

1 x Haba - Wooden Baby Beads

Out of stock
AUD $ 20.00
cute floral tea party set for kids

1 x Legler - Tea Set Laura

This set made of coloured sheet is a beautiful decoration for the children's table! You can use the included tray for quick service and so 4 dolls can enjoy their tea party with stylish dishes. 21 parts.

In stock
AUD $ 34.90

1 x Legler - Picture Book "Interactive Underwater World"

In stock
AUD $ 19.90

1 x Legler - Favorite Food Puzzle

In stock
AUD $ 12.50

1 x Legler - House Wooden Building Blocks

In stock
AUD $ 24.90
Car Transporter by Legler

1 x Legler - Car Transporter

Car Transporter by Legler is a strong transporter truck which can load upto 4 wooden cars. Equipped with a barrier, it is a perfect play toy for kids.

In stock
AUD $ 36.90
Cooking Utensils Professional by Legler

1 x Legler - Cooking Utensils Professional

11 pieces. Cook like the professionals in your own kitchen ? and with these cooking utensils, that have been perfectly designed for little hands, it is no problem. Delicious meals can be created and all the guests will absolutely love the dishes from the children?s kitchen. 3 pots (? 9 cm, H: 3 ? 4 cm) with lids and 5 indispensable hand appliances for "simple" or exotic delicacies.

In stock
AUD $ 39.90

1 x Legler - Coffee Machine for Play Kitchens

In stock
AUD $ 39.90
Wooden Puzzle Animal Food

1 x Legler - Wooden Puzzle Animal Food

Feed the animals with Legler's Wooden Puzzle Animal Food set. The set consists of two puzzle sets featuring various animals.

In stock
AUD $ 23.90
Wooden Train Toy

1 x Legler - Train Emil

Wooden train set with 14 pieces of assorted accessories and train carriages that can be connected.

In stock
AUD $ 47.90

1 x Legler - Beauty Case

In stock
AUD $ 119.90


A collection of toys for children in your beauty salon waiting area

A medium-sized collection of toys for children in beauty salons waiting area

Enhance the experience of your customers to your beauty salons and particularly their children, whether waiting for their appointment or whilst they are being pampered at your Beauty Salon. Keep children distracted, calm and entertained whilst their parent or carer is having their appointment with this specially collated medium-sized collection of age-appropriate, safe wooden toys for your designated child-friendly play area from online toy store AMouseWithAHouse. Fun, engaging, educational and sure to keep the little ones entertained for ages instead of running around the salon. What better way to create a positive and pleasant experience for your customers whilst at your establishment which is sure to encourage positive reviews and repeat business.

We offer three different sized, discounted toy bundle packs carefully selected to suit your Beauty Salon to choose from:

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