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Lino Wooden Toolbox Set

Legler – Toolbox Lino

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A set of 12 wooden tools neatly stored away in a wooden case.

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Product Number 2079
Dimensions ( Height x Width x Length ) approx. 31 x 24 x 5,5 cm
Material Wood

If there?s building to be done, this lino wooden toolbox set is perfect for the job at hand. The raw wooden box easily flips open to reveal 12 immaculate semi-varnished wooden tools. The trusty tools are easy to remove from their latches. The young ones will be ready to help out with the next big DIY project as they put these durable tools to the test, while improving their fine motor skills in the process.

Additional information

Weight 1.19 kg
Dimensions 6 × 31.5 × 26 cm




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