Legler – Pirate Ship “Jack”

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All clear to board Legler – Pirate Ship “Jack”! The “Jack” pirate ship impresses customers at first glance with its colourfully striped sails. The skulls unmistakably show who’s sailing here. The robust hull and the numerous detailed add-on parts are made of lacquered and natural wood.

There’s everything here that a pirate needs: they can climb up the rigging to the crow’s nest – a small stairway leads up to the quarterdeck where the movable steering wheel and obligatory pirate’s flag can be found. And of course, there are the cannons which can be pushed precisely through the holes and a real capstan. The “Jack” pirate ship has simply everything. Aye aye, Captain, let’s ship off to Treasure Island!

Legler Toys – Today is a very good day.

In 1988 Holger and Ingo Legler founded the trading-house Legler Wooden Toys in Delmenhorst, Germany. Initially they focused on the import and distribution of promotional and gift items made of wood. In 1995 Legler Wooden Toys two founders relocated the focus onto wooden toys and since then the company?s wood toy range expanded. In the beginning of 2013 the general manager Timo Sommer became managing partner.

For children’s development of the sensory perception like hearing, seeing and gripping, for the development of motor skills and to promote coordination, wooden toys are essential. Due to the nature of Legler wooden toys, the motor and sensory tactile sense will address babies and teenagers.

The toy company’s goal is to promote the mental and physical development of children.

This is why Legler focus on wooden toys which are safe and yet fun to play with.

Legler offers a large assortment of toys, decorations, and gift products for both young and old, and guarantee a very high level of product availability.

Legler’s extraordinary child-friendly inventions from our “small foot design” branch promotes the development of motor skills and creativity while offering lots of playtime fun. From bead rollercoasters and baby walkers to teeth-brushing timers and letter trains – Legler is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of wooden toys in Germany for over 30 years.

The Legler name has stood for quality, and strong brand success! With a love for the natural product of wood, more than 3,000 products, consistent quality, safety and customer service policies.

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