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Holztiger - Hippopotamus

Holztiger – Hippopotamus


For many years now, the HOLZTIGER figures have stood for play value and very high quality “Made in Europe”. They are individually handcrafted out of maple and beech wood and hand painted using watercolours and sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer making the figure resistant to perspiration and saliva. All surfaces and edges are sanded to a very smooth finish.

Hippo’s love being in a group with other African animals, which makes them a perfect inclusion to your Holztiger toy figure collection! This hippo is larger than he actually looks. The Holztiger Hippopotamus has a wide open mouth, proudly showing his large teeth. This hungry Holztiger Hippopotamus is a striking wooden figure.  Whether at the zoo or on safari, this hippopotamus knows how to strike a pose.

Product approximate size: 18cm x 2.8cm x 14cm.

This Holztiger Hippopotamus is suitable for ages from age 3 years and up.

The beautiful, handcrafted world of Holztiger toy figures, where each figure is as unique as the child playing with it. Holztiger Waldorf style toys are wholly sustainable – made by hand from durable solid maple and beech, and painted with non-toxic, water-based paints in Europe. Watch these beautiful toys come to life in the hands of a child as they play. These purposefully simplified wooden figures are popular with the Steiner Waldorf Education sector because they allow children to breathe life into the characters using their own imaginations. Young minds will develop and learn by playing with these enchanting figures. Build your Holztiger set today!

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 2.8 × 18 cm


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