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Dimensions 14.8cm x 33.2cm x 9.1cm

Build up the fun with the Rollover Track set from HABA! Perfect for all master constructors ages 18 months and older, the ball track is guaranteed fun! The colourful connecting blocks come with pivots that easily lock into place on the bottom of the ball track pieces. This makes constructing easy and ensures the track stays in place even if your little one bumps against it. As your little one grows older this set can be easily complemented with any of the HABA ball track sets. This set includes 1 ramp, 1 curve, 1 straight track, 4 connecting elements, 1 start block, 6 domino blocks, 2 triangle blocks, 1 stair block, 1 Paul ball. Adaptable and expandable with other ball tracks and blocks in the HABA ball track series

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Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 14.8 × 33.2 × 9.1 cm


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