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Legler – Work Bench Professional

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A small work bench equipped with a selection of diverse tools. A fantastic toy for little DIY experts ? the bench itself has to be fitted together with screws made out of wood. Manual precision and co-ordination skills can be improved while the little craftsmen are having fun!
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Legler – Service Truck

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A great truck made of brightly painted wood will make the children?s hearts beat faster and make their eyes sparkle! But the surprise lies inside the truck ? because the fun comes when building! The cargo area can be taken out up to 15 cm and serves as a small work bench with holes for screws and nails, hammer, wrench, nuts and a small vice will turn little children into motor activity artists that love to build! Winch and crane are equipped with small magnets, which can raise some of the 15 parts.
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Legler – Car Tool Box

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A blue wooden car-shaped toolbox containing various tools in separate storage areas.
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