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The following resources and information that make up the AMouseWithAHouse Online Toy Store Media Kit has been provided to facilitate communication and support media publications and social media interactions with our AMouseWithAHouse brand.

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AMouseWithAHouse is a family owned Australian online toy store that sells affordable quality educational and wooden toys. We provide quick postage Australia wide. Our online toy shop is open 24/7 and stocks a wide range of European wooden toys.

Contact Details

  • Director: Miriam Sauermilch
  • Telephone: 0424 833 164
  • Email:
  • Address: 26 Jenkins Place, Wembley Downs, WA 6019

Website & Social Media Links

  • Website: //
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Youtube:
  • Google+:

Business Information

  • Business Category: Online Toy Store / Retail
  • ABN: 52 435 728893
  • Business commencement date: Active from 18 Nov 2016

Management Team

  • Director: Miriam Sauermilch
  • Director: Schirin Latif

Key Positioning Statement

  • Smallfolks toys and more

Brand Hashtags for Social Media

  • #amousewithahouse
  • #woodentoys

Industry Certifications

  • EN71 European & Australian safety certified toys

Points of Difference

  • Online toy store available 24×7
  • Quality wooden toys
  • European Toy Brands not readily available in Australia
  • EN71 European & Australian safety certified toys
  • Affordable Wooden Toys for Every Budget
  • Gender neutral toys
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Flat rate delivery fee $9.90* Australia wide
    *Heavy or bulky items may incur additional charges, as may certain destinations. You will be contacted to confirm delivery costs prior to your items being sent.

Available Brands

  • Grimm’s
  • Drewart
  • Janod
  • Sarah’s Silks
  • Selecta
  • Kinder Kram
  • Goki
  • Varis Toys
  • Fagus
  • Legler
  • Magic Wood
  • Nic
  • Verneuer
  • Wobbel

Target Audience

  • The Parents of toddlers 3yrs -> 10 yrs, and Grand Parents.
  • Age Group: 25-54 years of age.
  • Gender: Females (85%)
  • Relationship status: partnered/married – parents
  • Education level: Tertiary educated.
  • Financial status: Mid-high range with disposable income.
  • Location: Australia wide
  • What problem does AMouseWithAHouse solve: Providing cost-effective toys that are educationally beneficial, safe, long lasting, as well as been fun and engaging.
  • What is important to the customer: For one group it is the BRAND and the style, for others it is the price and the style.
  • Why do customers choose AMouseWithAHouse: They provide a big range of toys for every budget.

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards; Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex
  • Money Order
  • Direct Debit
  • Paypal
  • AfterPay

About AMouseWithAHouse

It was just after our daughter was born that we realised how the world around kids is filled with plastic. We received a lot of presents which were mainly plastic toys which we felt wouldn’t last very long. They were nice, but we felt they wouldn’t last and they lacked character. Going back into our memories we usually remembered either self-made toys, cuddly or wooden toys.

In addition, we were quite worried about the chemicals in such toys. Often plastic toys are labelled safe because they have been tested for chemicals and are deemed to be safe because the chemicals are below what is allowed. So, this one toy from plastic would be fine, but which kid has one, two or three toys? Most kids have drawers filled with toys. A drawer full of borderline poisoners toys. What does that add up to? Nothing we want for our child.

When we went to the local toy store I would say 95% of toys were made from plastic and a little, we call it “hippie” section contained wooden toys. It was a very narrow selection and we couldn’t really find anything we liked. Of course, there are other stores with a lot of wooden toys but either they are boutique stores where the high-quality toys are very expensive and often we couldn’t afford them, or they are very big stores that offer plastic and wooden toys to cover it all and yet lacked character.

We decided to combine the best of both worlds. Our philosophy would be to offer high quality wooden toys for every budget.

The next question was to decide which Brands we would take on board. When asking around our friends we quickly learned that German products and, in this respect, toys have a very high reputation among Australians. This came in quite handy because as German immigrants we obviously knew a lot about “our” toys. So, the decision was made and from now on did we spend uncountable nights (when the little one was asleep) becoming experts in the various German and European Toy Brands, in Toy Safety, in Manufacturing Standards but most importantly we spent the majority of “fun” time picking toys that we felt little ones would love.

High resolution images that may be used in conjunction with media activities for AMouseWithAHouse

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