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How to buy wooden toys?

How to buy wooden toys?


Before we buy a wooden toy, we need to determine what task the toy is to fulfill: whether it is to be an educational toy, a motor toy, just for play, etc. Then the toy must be adapted to the child’s age. Such information can be found on the toy packaging or in the description on the website of the store or manufacturer of wooden toys.


Let’s choose only those toys that have CE certificates that tell us that a given toy will meet all safety standards. The report of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection in 2009 states that in every third of the 2,000 tested toys irregularities were found. Including Substances harmful to health (phthalates). Which are used to a large extent in the production of PLASTIC toys. When buying wooden toys, we can be almost sure that they are safe for our children, because wooden toys are rarely painted.


When buying wooden toys, let’s run 3 rules:

– buy ecological toys, with CE certificates

– let’s adjust the toy to the age of the child

– before buying / giving a toy to your child, make sure that it is not damaged.

The most popular companies producing wooden toys include:

  • goki
  • Small Foot Design
  • Legler
  • Janod

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