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Transformation of consciousness:

Trees foster tranquility and meditation. It was just under the tree that Buddha meditated and there he achieved enlightenment.
They are emanate healthy energy, power and strength, are at the same time perfect transmitters of cosmic energy. The strong energy field that surrounds them affects human souls and emotions.
In today’s meditation, we will use trees for grounding, which is an important element of spiritual development. Meditation for grounding will allow us to balance the process of ascension, detachment from the physical state, often accompanied by meditative states, and the matters of everyday life, ie home, family and work. It will also allow us to merge in our bodies the earth’s vitalizing energy with the pranic energy of the cosmos.


Sit on a chair with your back straight, put your hands on your thighs, your knees and feet are slightly disconnected. Take a comfortable position, relax and relax. Close your eyes and imagine that your feet are starting to release roots into the earth, getting deeper and stronger. Feel how the energy of the Earth flows through your roots into your body. You have the impression that you become a tree. You feel how you grow with it, you become a strong branch from which you release the branches, they are constantly splitting and growing.

See the beautiful, handsome, deciduous tree that you are. On the branches, the leaves are swaying in the wind and forming a beautiful, regular crown. A light wind is playing with your leaves and gently curses you. Let your body relax and breathe lightly in the wind, breathe quietly and regularly, deep in and out. Imagine how you inhale the wind. With him you take in the forces of heaven and the pranic energy joins you with the energy of the Earth in unity. You are a tree, a child of Gaji, an element of the universe. Remember that you have received power and strength from the tree. You are a living energy. You are life.
Persevere in this state as long as you can and then, returning to reality, thank your spiritual guardian for guiding you in this meditation. Also, thank the tree for your help.


Grounding is an important and necessary factor. It can also be performed during walks, by hugging the tree and making mental contact with it or by briefly silencing and then mentally rooting the roots as deeply as possible inside the Earth. Persevere 3-5 minutes in this condition.

“The tree is the power that slowly rises towards the sky”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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