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Give wooden toys to you kids and share the joy of a healthier planet

My daughter means the world to me. Since she was born six years ago, my life has never been the same. The gifts, picnics, happiness and sorrow we share make our relationship special. Speaking of gifts, she loves wooden toys. Last Christmas I bought her a pink bunny and custom purple two-storey wooden house. These toys are still in her bedroom.

Now her birthday is nearing and every parent is looking to buy a perfect gift for their child. Getting the right gift is difficult though for most parents. If you want to make your search easier use safety, health and durability as basic criteria. Wooden toys have no disease-causing toxins, don’t induce bodily harm and last longer compared to plastic toys. So gift wooden toys and share the joy of a healthier planet.

Besides improving learning skills, toys make children joyous and playful. There are two chief types of toys: wooden toys and plastic toys. Both are amazing, but if the issues of safety, health and longevity are considered, wooden toys steal the show.

Plastic toys are harmful to kids

Plastic is a toxic substance. The choking and eye-irritating smoke from burning plastic bears testimony to this assertion. Plastic toys contain poisonous substances, exposing kids to health problems. But how did the history of plastic usage in toy manufacturing start?

Well, before 1970, toys were made from metal, wood, fabric and ceramics. In the 1970s though, toy manufacturers shifted to plastic. Two decades later, the long-term health impact of plastic toys on the human body began to be felt. Going by statistics, a study by Ecology Centre in 2008 revealed that 33% of all the modern toys tested did contain significant amounts of toxic chemicals including cadmium, lead and phthalates. Then advanced research found that plastic toys contained PVC plastic, Bisphenol A, cadmium, heavy metals and chemical retardants. In contrast, wood is no-toxic and naturally beautiful.

The aforementioned chemical components cause severe medical issues to humans and children. Lead is a major cause of behavioural and learning problems. Phthalates, cadmium, Bisphenol A and PVC have carcinogens and mutagens which may interfere with the reproductive system. Bisphenol A and PVC are the same materials used to manufacture babies’ bottles. Cadmium found in toy batteries and paint gives rise to lung cancer. These substances can be taken into the baby’s body via hand-to-mouth activity. The list is endless but what is important is the knowledge of the fact that plastic toys impose serious health problems on children. So jump into the train for wooden toys to protect your baby and the environment from plastic associated toxins.

Wooden toys are always a great choice for kids

Toys play a vital role in developing learning and cognitive skills. They also act as companions to children. To children toys and pets are the same in terms of companionship. Many companies manufacture wooden toys thanks to the general environmental friendliness of wood. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in conjunction with the Ecology Centre provided guidelines for toy manufacturing and recommended wooden toys. In addition, the Australian government banned all plastic products containing DEHP (Diethylhexyl phthalate). DEHP is a frequently used plasticiser in the manufacture of PVC.

To keep children safe, buy wooden toys .Wooden toys are durable and do not break easily. They are non-toxic and don’t pollute our ecosystem. They are made of natural material and can be recycled. Moreover, wooden toys have safe edges that protect the baby from physical harm.

Children engage in imaginative and manipulative activity when they play with wooden toys. They are learning resources for kids. When you buy a wooden puzzle, children use patterns and fit them together which improves hand and eye coordination. This is a good brain stimulus.

Amousewithahouse is a universally recognized children toy company based in Australia. The products are as follows in no particular order of relevance and price.

1. Wooden Doll House

Single Storey
Double Story
Castle Medium


2. Cars & Automobiles

Wheel Loader
Mobile Crane
Dumper Trailer
Articulated Lorry
 Hay Wagon
Fire Engine.
Crazy Rabbit Cart.
These cars and automobiles are unisex and can be used by kids aged 1 year to 5 years or more as you wish.


3. Education and Learning

Beam Scales
Grocery Nature
Magnetibook Vehicles
Buildable Tree House


The market of toddler and infant toys is broad and diverse because every parent or guardian is realizing that toys are no longer perceived as luxury items. They are among the things your baby cannot do without. Therefore the A Mouse with a House company was launched to allow children to live a healthier and happier life without parents having to fear about pollution and intoxication.

Perhaps you have been asking yourself how frequent new toys are being rolled into the market. New products arrive from time to time. We have a team of passionate people who work tirelessly to ensure that our supply exceeds the demand.

To understand more about our products visit http://amousewithahouese.com.au. Buy wooden toys for your baby and have it delivered to your location within the specified deadline.

Read This!

As decried by environmental protection agencies around the world, plastic is not recommended for toys. If you want to compare between plastic and wood in terms of how much they pollute the environment, burn a piece of wood and a piece of plastic separately. Then smell the smoke coming out of each. The smoke from plastic will choke you and irritate your eyes. But the burning wood will produce smoke although not as harmful as plastic. The extreme levels of intoxication plastic toys have on children leaves wooden toys as the mother’s choice.
Let us have a planet free of plastic toxins. If we start now switching to wooden todays in 20 years’ time the rates of lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses caused by cadmium, DEHP and Biphenyl A will drop significantly.

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