What You Need To Know About Buying Toys Online

Your sweet little toddler is walking along the toy aisle, acting as though he’s not. Your little treasure is determined to investigate, pick up and throw every item that he /she sees. After a few hours of her/him squawking prehistoric birds, and an avalanche lego, you finally decide to grab the most decent and educational wooden toys. Although toys shopping can bring joy and fun, it can also be tedious, exhausting, and even soul-tiring . but there’s a simpler way to buy wooden toys online.

Before you begin, here’s what you need to know:

Compare prices

Online shopping is great because you don’t need to go to different stores to compare prices. You can do it all from your home! It’s much easier to shop online for shoes and wallets. You can compare prices from several online stores and pick the one with the best value.

Search for the Un-Findable!

Remember that the internet has the largest database of everything you can imagine. If you haven’t found something you are looking for, you now have the chance to find it! You can use your online toys experience to fulfill childhood dreams.
A mouse with a house, a top Australian online toy shop, is here. https://amousewithahouse.com.au/ offers a wide range of Kids educational wooden toys at a discounted price.” If we don’t have it, we can get it.”

Classic Wooden Toys for Education, Fun and Creativity

It’s easy to buy kids educational toys online. However, it can be tempting to get distracted by the latest electronic gadget promising much but little thought and limited interaction. The timeless appeal of wooden toys can often be forgotten in the world of children’s toys. They are also a great way to teach young minds. These classic toys encourage creativity and interaction through multisensory stimulation. As these musical toys are classic toys that have a modern twist, I’ll be discussing them.
Our Toys are known for its environmentally-friendly and educational toys. They are made from sustainable timbers, which are naturally processed and free of preservatives. These toys are safe and made with non-toxic glues and water-based paints. These toys are durable and easy to transport. They provide maximum enjoyment, durability, an elegant design, clean honest looks, and the best part, good fun. You can’t go wrong with the amazing musical selection they provide, whether you’re looking for toys for babies or older children. The solid wooden drum, oval xylophone and tambourine are just a few of the toys in this range that I would like to talk about.

Goki – Xylophone

Goki – Xylophone

This wooden design features a 28 cm long curved timber base on which five wooden bars suspend from a suspension bridge. This wooden mallet is supplied with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. However, it is a random-pitched instrument that can be used to create music and hand-eye coordination. Recommended for children aged 12 months and older.

Grimm’s 7 Piece Wooden Cave Arch

Grimm’s 7 Piece Wooden Cave Arch

Wooden Cave Arches are great for children of all ages, including babies and toddlers! Stacking, sorting, and building is what toddlers will learn to do with this toy. But as the children get older, they will use it to fence animals, make houses for dwarfs, make underwater worlds of wonder… this toy will always be intgrated into imaginative play. You can see a range of wooden educational toys to encourage kids on AMouseWithAHouse.

Five Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Perfect Toy Gift

Imagine the joy on a child’s face when they receive the perfect gift toy. There are so many cute and colourful toys available that it can be difficult to decide what to buy. It can be difficult to choose the right gift for your child. Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wooden toy.

1. Adds educational values

The toy should allow the child to learn new skills in an engaging and fun way. Educational wooden toys can help children feel confident in their abilities, and encourage them to problem-solve and think critically. Choose the toy that encourages the child to learn and develop. Toys made of wooden materials have an additional educational dimension. This is something we have already discussed in blogs. However, wooden toys can open new educational doors for your child by providing quality and innovative toys.

2. Open-ended toys for longer use

Children’s imaginations and needs change as they grow. To encourage creativity and imagination, get toys that can be used in many ways. It should be able to be changed so that the child can have more challenges as they grow.

3. Encourages creativity

You can keep your child’s imagination alive by giving them toys that allow them to explore their creative side. Instead of an already built ship, get blocks that your child can build whatever they like. This is a crucial aspect of helping children to learn about the world and how they can make it better.

4. It’s in the child’s best interest

Children show interest from a young age. This could be a curiosity about outer space, a favorite cartoon character, or a love of music and animals. Gifts that are related to what your child loves can help fuel their interests. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive toy kitchen, or the best carpenter bench – it won’t be worth the cost if your child likes to climb and jump, or to do puzzles.

5. It is age-appropriate

Different toys are needed for different ages, whether they be active pre-schoolers or curious school-going children. The good news is that most toys come with clear labels that indicate the age they are suitable for. Follow the instructions as they are crucial to your child’s safety, especially for children under 3 years old. This is where parental discretion and the level of supervision are important. Many toys have labels that are appropriate for older children. This can be helpful to younger children if they have the right supervision and guidance.

amousewithahouse will help you find the perfect gift for your grandchild, best friend, or child. For educational wooden toys and quality toys in Perth, Click here to buy kids wooden toys.

Skandico Toys Partner With A Mouse With A House

“Ever seen a little girl or boy playing with colors? You can see that their world is as bright as the toys they are playing with, and their minds are racing as they create new stories and scenes! This is what we have in mind when creating Skandico toys.”

These words from Natalie, the founder of Skandico toys, encompasses the joy kids have when playing. According to Natalie, they focus on creating toys with soul, warmth, and as unique as each family that buys them. AMouseWithAHouse has partnered with Skandico toy manufacturers to bring you the best of their toys, including blocks, puzzles, stacking toys, and more.

Children learn and discover the world around them through toys. Skandico focuses on creating toys that help your child interact with their surroundings, providing plenty of happiness, and building their self-esteem. To attract their little minds, big imagination, and happy souls, Skandico ensures all wooden toys come in bright, vibrant colors

Skandico hand makes all their toys, delicately designing each toy to fit a child’s hobbies and needs. The toys also have no added substance, such as paints with chemical ingredients that endanger kids. Instead, Skandico hand-paints all their toys using water-based paints (colored waxes) made in Germany and specifically developed to paint children’s toys. If a child bites on the toy, though not advisable, you don’t have to worry about their safety. The paint is applied in a thin coat to carefully preserve the warmth and velvety texture of the wood, which makes touching them pleasant.
Speaking of touching, exercising fine and gross motor skills ensure kids use their sense of touch. Skandico toys have a lovely grippy feel. Skandico works with highly skilled carpenters from the Ecological region of Russia, some of who have been in the carpentry business for generations. One of the most popular products designed in this region is the famous Matryoshka, Russia’s national toy, and one of the main symbols of the country.

Undeniably, toys take a battering from their young owners who bash them up, throw them around, and smash them together or against hard surfaces. Skandico Wooden toys are made to last, endures rough treatment, ensuring they can be passed down generations. Natalia designs all the toys, something she has been passionate about since she was a little girl. Her love for art, kids, and her experience as a light designer inspires her designs, ensuring she puts a soul in each toy design.

Skandico toys are made to offer children a blank slate to fire up their imagination. Being open-ended, these toys help kids explore ideas, test theories, and engage in concepts, creating an environment where there isn’t fear of making mistakes.

Known for the best wooden toys Australia, the Partnership between AMouseWithAHouse and Skandico focuses on filling homes with wooden toys that kids will love to play with, brightening their world, and helping them learn. Order your Skandico toys and have them delivered within a few days. Call us on 0424 833 164 or email us through info@amousewithahouse.com.au to place your order.

5 Reasons Why Janod Toys Will Rock Your Child’s World

We’ve got to be honest. It’s challenging to find a toy that will rock your child’s world and offer both education and entertainment without breaking. Although many toys are education-based, colourful, and incredibly attractive, few achieve the perfect balance of meeting all these qualifications, until Janod wooden toys. The French have a special relationship with toys, and Janod is no different. Since 1970, Janod has specialized in bringing fun and function to kids with their bold and unique designs.

Why we think Janod toys are great

Wooden toys for kids and toddlers

1. Janod toys are educational

Kids have different interests and you might have noticed a few things that spark your child’s interest so far. With their wide range of toys, They have wooden toys your little one can use to learn about numerous topics in the world. Whether they are interested in workbenches, a budding architect, or a chef in the making, you can be sure to find toys for them from Janod’s collection.

That’s not all. The brand also has a range of toys geared towards helping your child improve their education. For instance, toddlers can learn the alphabet and numbers while your older kids improve their spelling.

2. Spark imagination

The best toys are usually open-ended, which leaves your child’s imagination to run wild as they create stories. A pull along toy can be a dog one minute and something else the next while blocks can be arranged into a fortress, castle, hospital, or whatever else your little one will imagine.

3. Encourage pretend play

You’ve probably found your little one wearing your shoes or clothes, and when you asked them what’s going on, they proudly said they are mommy or daddy. Kids learn through imagination, observation, and doing. Janod understands this and has a wide range of pretend toys your child can use. Whether they want to play doctor, be in the circus, race cars, farm, garden, or be in the Janod kitchen, they will have enough toys to encourage pretend play and growth. Colorful toys for kids and toddlers

4. Encourage Cognitive development

Children are learning new things every day, and one of the best ways to keep their brains active is through toys and games. Without their knowledge, they will learn as they solve puzzles, match colours, name animals, and even tell the time. This keeps their brains active and sharp. The brand caters to your kid’s cognitive development with Janod puzzles Australia, stacking pyramids, and other themed toys.

5. Social skills

Besides education, every parent wants to see their child thrive in relationship building and people skills. Using Janod toys Australia, your child can play out troubling emotions and situations as they try to understand how to cope and deal with different circumstances. So, don’t be surprised when their Janod dolls are used to represent people.

Wooden toys have many more advantages, such as helping your child develop confidence, language skills, and even problem-solving. With these benefits, it’s easy to see why they will rock your child’s world. Order your set of Janod toys from AMouseWithAHouse today.

Massive 50% Sale on Irresistible Wooden toys

Think of when you were little and how much fun you had playing with your toys. Think of how the mix of colors was fascinating, and the blocks were exhilarating when you stacked them together only to kick them with your little chubby foot. It didn’t matter the number of times you played the game; it was still thrilling each time.

As we grow older, we may forget the simple things in life and how to pick up the colors and thrill that was oh so innocent and cute. But, when you look at your little one play, nostalgia hits you, and the little things in life finally make sense.

With the current quarantine situation, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, kids are spending more time at home, and while you’d want to get them the fancy expensive toys on the market, it may not be possible. Between you and me, I know that feels like a kid at a candy shop looking at all the colorful goodies and getting none.

Because we have so much to think about, a lot of planning to do, often anxiously because we don’t know how long the coronavirus pandemic will last, we have to look outside our comfort zones for a little help. That’s where toy discounts and clearance sales come into play. When brands are ready to clear stock to make way for new ones, you get toys to fill your child’s world with joy.

50% Sale on Wooden toys; Legler Brand

AMouseWithAHouse is offering to help you, and your little one have fun, learn, and develop with a 50% sale of the Legler brand toys. We understand that times are hard, and as a family-focused brand, we know the great advantage you will have when your little one plays. Without a doubt, wooden toys have tons of advantages over their plastic and metal counterparts.

Perhaps the most crucial benefit is that wooden toys are often open-ended, which allows your child to tap into their imagination and creativity. That’s why those wooden blocks were so enjoyable when you kicked them countless times after stacking them.

Best Legler toys recommendation for your child

From parent to parent, I’ve had my little one play with tons of Legler toys, and if your kid is like mine, they will enjoy any of these.

From a beautiful vacation to a castle, a toy garage, and a hairdresser case, your child will have a field day exploring the possibility each set can offer, giving each set multiple uses.

For little hands that love exploring in the kitchen, Legler has kitchen sets, baking tins, and even selling booths where your little one can sell all their kitchen items. Because every kitchen needs accessories, Legler fills your little one’s kitchen with colorful ice-cream, vegetables, grill tray, pizza, and even sushi.

Does your little one enjoy playing pirate or racing cars? Legler has tons of pirate ships, cars, and trucks for little hands and feet. They also have tons of toolbox toys, dolls, and dollhouses.

Are you looking for toys that will sharpen your child’s brain? Buy puzzles, math toys, numbers, and alphabets. Toys are, without a doubt, essential for kids, and as we battle this global Pandemic, let’s keep our little ones entertained and growing.