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About Dollhouses

Our AMouseWithAHouse Toy Store range of children’s Dollhouses come in a range of three standard sizes. How can you tell which size you should collect or build? Standardized sizes for our dollhouses, include 1:6, 1:10 and 1:12.

Please note that the DIY Range of dollhouses is meant for kids over 14 years of age.

Before you invest in a dolls house, you should understand the sizes and scales available for dolls houses, and determine which scale is best for your child.


Dollhouses in 1:6 scale, also known as “Playscale” or “Fashion Doll” scale, are sized to fit with common fashion dolls such as Barbie or collectible action figures. In this scale, one inch is equivalent to 6 inches in full size.


The European 1/10 dollhouse scale is popular when miniatures and houses are built to the metric scale.


Dollhouse in 1:12 scale (one inch to one foot) sometimes called one-inch scale gained a widespread acceptance amongst collectors of artisan miniatures when it was chosen as the scale for Queen Mary’s Dolls House.

The scale is common in play houses for younger children, with Plan Toys making their dolls, furniture, and some animals in roughly 1:12 scale, and Calico Critters (Sylvanian Families) also making their toys and accessories in roughly this scale (except for the animals themselves). For collectors in all ranges, 1:12 scale is the most widely available dolls house scale.